Friday, 7 September 2012

Another Random Thoughts

Well, this is Friday. A really free Friday on September. And.....I don't really know what I wanna share here today HAHA!
Okay, maybe this is random but you know this is 7th of September which means that 10 days to go is 17th of September. My very first day of fashion design class in ESMOD. Hate to know that I'll be a junior again in an unknown college life. I feel excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because this is what I really wanted since I was in elementary school. 
I love making sketch, I love anything pretty, and I love the feeling when I see something that could make me looks good. I always imagine if I wear this or that what would I look like. And I suddenly think, "This shouldn't be here. I'd like to make it here, here or here." BUT! It's allllll happen only in my mind. I never make it happen, for example I like to create any DIY crap crafts but when I can't find the materials I'll easily give up and forget it haha this is terrible and you can see that my DIY thingy post is only one. I'm too lazy to make some effort and this is one of critical bad things about me.
Now I feel dumb, really. K, bye.