Sunday, 25 December 2016

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Hello, hi it's me again back from super long hiatus. No one actually notice but I've been gone from this platform for quite long time that made me feel like I miss writing. Life's been treating me good and bad this year, too many things happened and I wanted to tell you some of 'em.

So, back in the October 2015, there was this guy. A new guy. He and his 'hello' just came unexpectedly, in a random night. My peaceful, casual night. He introduced himself as my friend's close friend. And I was just, okay, I think I knew this guy before. I thought it was just because he's quite often mentioned in my friend's social media so I got over it, he was a total new person.

And months past by after that 'hello', which I never planned to be the nicest 'hello' after a long time. In other random night, my friend told me that he was the guy whom I adore by his singing. And that was when I knew why I feel I knew him before. He wasn't a total new guy. And I think I liked him even long before he noticed I was exist.

Long story short, he captured this tiny heart just like that. He didn't even need to try. He was living in other town, so we didn't see each other many times, It was just he and his pure intentions ensured me to step on the next chapter of my story. All I know was a blank paper, it was all dull before I knew him and he made me write poems again. He sang songs, I wrote lines. We were crazy about each other.

Things went well at that time. It was always a good time whenever he's around. He was my best friend, my happy pills, he made me the happiest person by only his presence. He was also my confession box, I told him things I love, things I never told to anyone. I became the truest version of myself in front of him. The version of me that is not all pretty. And that was the problem, I guess.

As you may guess in the first place, I always tell you a story that already ended.
The good times ticking so fast, I couldn't keep running to reach them. He started to lose interest. Maybe I was too easy to reach, maybe I wasn't enough, maybe he was just out of my league.  He told me he had enough, he wasn't happy anymore. So he said goodbye. Another 'goodbye' that I thought I wouldn't have to hear anymore.

And suddenly all I remember was his warm hands wrapped mine. The thought of not being able to reach his hands hit me hard. The pain was excrutiating, and sadly I feel familiar to that kind of pain.

I never tell anyone about how I truly feel about things that has happened. I never tell anyone about how I feel now. But maybe you know now. I managed myself to live like it wasn't hurt me that much. But it's been 6 months, and I still writing about him while he may be looking for other stories.

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